Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Niche Site Building Network Will Go To New Owners

In case you missed the latest email from Adam and Kelvin, here it is below:

We've made our final decision.

1. The Niche Site Building Network Will Go To New Owners

As you know we added 3 programmers to our team during October and we've now expanded to include a general manager, marketing manager and a graphics designer forming a new company called In Colour.

After several sit down meetings in December we reached the following 2 conclusions.

1. We don't want to invest in the development of a website builder confined to the limits of affiliate marketing.

2. A website builder without such pre-defined restrictions is a bigger project than we want to take on at present.

Consequently, The Niche Site Building Network will now be sold and My Simple Site Builder as a development project will be shelved, passing the opportunity to develop the network further to a new owner.

We already have half a dozen leads and the offer will be listed in multiple places.

We expect to complete the transfer by the end of February at the latest.

2. In Colour - Our New Home

InColour.eu will now serve as the new home for all our future projects on which (under 'In Development') you can see the next in line.

The most significant of these - considering the work you've put in to develop networks of niche sites (power bases) is "My Digital Product Manager".

If you would like to learn how to use the niche sites you have built and are building to create new income streams via the selling of relevant information please subscribe to the newsletter list for this product.

Subscribe here: http://www.MyDigitalProductManager.com

We will be illustrating this during February.


As was evident, 2009 was a transitional year for us, during which we took stock of what we'd done and learnt over the previous 5 years, sorted through all our domains - developed and not, and ultimately decided on our business future.

For our part, we hope you are better off financially and in terms of knowledge than before you first purchased our products and that you continue to successfully use the internet to build your own future, irrespective of the paths you choose.

Best of luck moving forward,

Kelvin and Adam

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JuNiOr on January 12, 2010 at 9:46 AM said...

soggy, many people value your opinion alot and this may be a bit premature, but what are your thoughts as to what will happen? If you think BANS possibly may not be available thereafter, should those using BANS try to convert to wordpress? I personally only have BANS sites as i am understanding the platform and getting pretty good with it but haven't a clue about wordpress. what do you think?

soggy on January 12, 2010 at 10:16 AM said...

@JuNiOr I have said in previous post that one should not be hinged on future moves of BANS. BANS is excellent as a tool to break into affiliate marketing. Tao has added some cool addons as well. Until BANS stops working, I say it is OK to use, but one should always be looking to increase knowledge in other platforms. IE Wordpress, Joomla etc.

Plenty of great info both pay and free on using Wordpress. One should ALWAYS give themselves other options.

I have several sites still 100% BANS, but also am able to switch them on a moments notice should I need to or get around to them.



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