Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do You Really Know What You Are Buying?

Time and time again I see people who buy a site off of Flippa or a web forum thinking they are getting a great deal. What I see most is people falling for a "great looking" site instead of buying a site that is PROPERLY keyword focused and is full of great ORIGINAL content. Usually these sites are fluffed up with garbage traffic stats and most are barely earning any income. I never buy sites this way. Why? I can build my own that I know are done right. Another thing you have to ask yourself is, if it is such a great site, why is it being sold? I know when I build my own sites, a ton of time, effort and research goes into the site. There is usually a great deal of time and or money put into unique content as well. Also my initial backlink campaign is underway shortly after launch as well.

People make a living turning out these sites and selling them off to unsuspecting newbies. Why? Because they can not build sites that earn good money for themselves. They have great design skills and it ends there. They offer moderate SEO and rely on selling these sites with poorly spun or duplicate content to someone who does not know what they are buying.

I am not saying there are not some good sites out there for sale, but I would expect to pay a pretty penny for them though. Ask the seller what the keyword targets for the site is before buying. Research those keywords yourself and see if they indeed are valuable keywords. Research the age of the domain and the history of it as well. Read the content and search for duplicates or poorly spun junk. Treat it like you would if you were buying a home or a car. Know what you are buying. Odds are you can build a better site yourself for half the cost than you can buy a site from someone who builds it in a day and is just a great graphics designer.

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Tony T. said...

Good stuff. I see newbies over pay everyday on Flippa. It is not very often you find a real good deal on a properly built site anywhere. I am guilty of buying a piece of junk in my early days off of ebay. Never again. I build my own.

david said...

Some of the Flippa websites remind me of the TV commercial with the kid and the red truck... when he thinks he is getting the real toy truck, he instead gets a cardboard cutout of the truck.. whereby after looking at the cutout he exclaims.. " it's a piece of junk" this can also apply to some FLIPPA websites .." It's a piece of junk"

See commercial ..

Lori said...

Like you said, there are great sites to be found on there, but I see so many newbies buying dressed up garbage sites. Like anything else, it is buyer beware. Especially there. Do the homework before buying a site on Flippa.


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