Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finding Related Blogs To Comment On

I do not do a ton of blog commenting, but when I do, I usually try to do 10-20 and leave good comments and try to get a backlink in the process. To find blogs to comment on, I use the free SEO for Firefox plugin and set it to instantly show the number of Yahoo links. I do a search in Google for my keyword I am looking for and then select blogs on the left hand column of Google. I then click the 100 tab just under Google search box and wait for all the numbers to be returned. after that I click the CSV and export the result into Excel. From there I can sort by backlinks number and can start browsing and commenting from there. Not all of your comments will stick mind you and not all will be dofollow. It is just a lazy exercise for building a more diverse backlink profile. I try to dedicate a couple of days or so a month to this process. Occasionally you will strike a powerful backlink in the process and the blog owner might even give you a link in their blogroll as well. It is rare, but it does happen. It is a mindless, yet boring process, but another way as well for you to find ideas for content that others might link to or some new keyword ideas as well. Keep your eyes wide open while commenting.

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