Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Landing Pages Make Great Filters

One of the biggest overlooked things, especially in the new N1WAY BANS Guide is the the landing page. The landing page can act as a filter to better guide the surfer to EXACTLY where they want to go. Obviously we all want the surfer to come from the SERPS to the exact page of the item they want to buy, but depending on the search they use, that may not always be the case. By building a great landing page such as this one, the surfer now has 3 main choices, 16 choices to other filter landing pages and 2 escape links to other sites with your affiliate code. If you build these landing pages the correct way, you will also increase your chances on product items clicked being exactly what the surfer MIGHT buy and thus scoring better in the new EPN payment structure. I have seen a few sites by readers that try to bypass this page and I think they truly do not understand their usefulness as not only another page that can garner organic traffic, but a page that can filter broad searches that arrive to your site.

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bruce said...

one of my concerns with the new epn review process is it smacks too much of being like the google quality score -- oddly unknown, and fickle.

You can say what you want but if someone is looking for a particular item.. then a bans page showing 20 items with different prices in a nice layout, is a much better experience than a wordpress blog with phpbaypro and 3 links (and only 3 prices)... with a ton of content.

content is a good thing to a person who doesn't know what they are looking for, but a waste of time for someone who knows exactly what they are looking for to buy.

Why does everyone think that a golfer in this case (who is looking for buy a Cleveland TA3 Form Forged Iron set Golf Club 4 PW Stiff) really needs more information. I mean that is so long tail, that the person probably knows more about cleveland irons than the writer.

soggy on August 23, 2009 at 8:32 PM said...

If the content is useless to them, then they have the option of clicking right on through to eBay. Nobody says they have to read it. By no means do you need to write a term paper on each item, just something engaging in the 200-400 word range really works great.


bruce said...

Works great for what
SERPS or sales.

Did you use to use bans out of the box (everyone does when they get it for a while), and did your old bans pages convert like crazy even without much in the way of content.

how are you getting around google putting all your pages with ebay links into the supplemental index?

what do you think ebay's end game is for getting all the information about your sites... I am a bit concerned because it would take them only a very little bit of effort to make a golf club store in house that would rank much better than any ebay store. I mean they should be offering this service to their power sellers now...

bruce said...

I guess I am being pissy about the whole thing because I just finished up reviewing my stats, and for 5 sites, comparing them to last year. It seems to me that the straight up bans store worked best at making money, they had more clicks, more bids per page viewed agianst landing on my new wordpress/phpbay pages.... Could be the economy, but my stats suggest the bans 12 items view (with content below the items), performs better than the new approach.

soggy on August 23, 2009 at 9:35 PM said...

Bruce, there is more than one way to skin every cat for sure. Way back when everyone built out of the box sites, all you needed was good keyword focus and SEO and a ton of directory backlinks. Did they convert? Hell yes. Times have changed though. Not only will an out of the box site likely get you deindexed from Google, it likely will not fit the new EPN structure as well. Just because a page MAY end up in the Supp index, does not mean it still can not rank or be pulled out of the Supp index with a few targeted backlinks. To your point about ebay, they very well could do what you are saying, but there will always be a place to point your targeted traffic to. If your way is working and making you money and also translates over well to the new EPC structure, by all means do not change it. All I can tell you is what works best for me. If Ebay were to pull up stakes on Monday, I would just find another source to send my targeted traffic to. As to the content, it is for both the surfer and the SERPS.


bruce said...


What did you take on that release from ebay ... helping powersellers with an account manager? only $200 bucks, special promotions.. can't wait to see your thoughts, maybe even a post.

Dear bruce,

As we announced in our July Newsletter, we have introduced the ability for you to link your eBay account with your eBay Partner Network account. If you have not already done so, please take a moment to link your eBay User Account to your eBay Partner Network Publisher Account to take advantage of some special features for eBay sellers and especially our PowerSellers:

* We want to make sure we're doing the best job we can in communicating with you. Linking your accounts will enable us to better advise and answer your questions as we can look at your eBay activity to better understand your account and your particular situation.
* We may do special eBay Partner Network promotions for eBay PowerSellers from time to time. In order to ensure that you are included in any such promotions, your accounts must be linked.
* Starting August 25th, all eBay Partner Network affiliates above $200 in monthly commissions that are also eBay PowerSellers will also be given access to a personal account manager.

Not sure how to link your accounts? It's Easy! Go to the "Account Info" tab and click "Link to eBay Account" to enter your eBay ID and password to successfully link your accounts. For future reference, you will be able to access this information under the "Account Info" tab in the eBay Partner Network interface.

Thank you,

The eBay Partner Network Team

soggy on August 25, 2009 at 8:42 PM said...

bruce, I am kind of indifferent to it. I am not a Power Seller on the eBay side, just an occasional seller. If you are a Power Seller, I would do it. Other than that it may be lower on your priority list.



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