Sunday, November 15, 2009

The 6 Month Measuring Stick

I get a frustrated email every now and again from reader who is wondering why after 2 months they are not on page one of Google. Well, besides there being so many factors that go into ranking to begin with, it is almost an impossible question to answer with being given only a link to a site. Also, 2 months is a mighty short time to be judging a site by. Many people will do the minimum right out of the gate and sit and wait and start complaining at month number 2 if not sooner.

Is it impossible to rank page one at the end of 2 months? Absolutely not. It depends on the keyword phrase and the competition for starters. Several new sites can hit page one right out of the shoot with fantastic SEO and a great launch with light competition. Will it stay there? That depends on a number of things as well.

I use a 6 month measuring stick and a consistent backlink building process over the first 6 months to truly judge my sites. After that time and based on what I have done work wise, I have a pretty good idea if I met my goal and what I need to change to further advance. This does not mean you launch, do a few things and wait 6 months though. I suggest a slow and methodical backlink building process over 6 months time. Also, if the site is built correctly, you should be seeing a steady climb in organic traffic right from the launch date.

You need to remember that solid ranking is not a race, slow and steady will give you better chances at staying locked into page one once you get there.

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