Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Every Asked To Guest Post?

You would be surprised how many blogs out there would be more than happy to let you guest post on their blog. If you have a site that specializes in music memorabilia for example, you can easily find a celeb rumor blog or something similar in character that will let you guest post for a backlink in the bio of the post. These "in content" backlinks go a long way when received from trusted domains. Remember that you are not so much in it for direct traffic as you are the link juice itself. Also, bloggers would gladly take a day off for someone else to write a blog post for them. All you have to do is ask. This week alone I asked 6 different blogs if I could guest post and 3 already said yes. Imagine picking up 2-3 quality backlinks a week.

How do you find and get to these blog owners quickly? You can start with Twitter. Many bloggers know the usefulness of Twitter and use it as both a network tool and a medium to circulate their blog post. Also, many bloggers have contact forms right on their sites. Be direct and to the point when asking them. Ask them if they have a topic in mind and if you can guest post for a backlink at the bottom of the post. It really works. All they can do is say no or not answer you at all.

If they do allow you to guest post. Hammer out a quality post. Pretend this post is going on your own site and is both grammatically correct and factually if relevant. 300 words is a great target for length, but you should ask what the blogger expects as far as a word count.

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