Monday, April 19, 2010

Obsess With The Ranking Process

One of the biggest factors that led to my success in affiliate marketing was my obsession with learning how the ranking process worked and more importantly with getting my sites ranked. Now there are so many factors involved in the Google ranking algorithm, that it is easiest to stick with the basics and foundations first and foremost. There are certain things we all know to be true and will not hurt you. You should obsess with these basic things below.

1. Properly formatted meta tags that are targeted around a keyword phrase or phrases you are targeting and they out to match what the surfer will find on page or on site if indeed it is the home page. This is common sense SEO. Nothing new here. Good title and description tags can give you an edge. It is not make or break, but always helps.

2. Content of at least 200-300 original words per page if possible. If product description, make it as factual as possible without 100% plagiarizing. Only so many ways to say something is green and weighs 16 pounds. Get my drift? Use model numbers and as many different ways a surfer would search for this product. It will open up your organic search traffic more. If it is an article, make sure it is useful and as accurate as possible. These will build natural backlinks over time.

3. Link out to quality sites related or semi related to yours. If you are linking out with affiliate links, do so within reason. Is 20 links necessary? Are you an affiliate link farm? Link trades should be done within reason. If all 6 links out are trades, this is obvious. If one of 6 is a trade, that is reasonable.

4. You need links. Duh!!!!! The stronger the competition, the more quality ones you will need. If you are trying to rank for "purple underwater basket weaving wetsuits", it should not take many. Too many, too fast can be hurtful as well. Look natural and keep to a timely process of backlink building. Remember that backlinks come in all shapes and sizes. Mix them ALL in, not just one source like link directories. Make your backlink profile diverse, timely and natural looking.

5. Common sense! I can not say this enough. Do not fall for those "trick Google" methods. Just like Las Vegas, you might get lucky for a little while, but sooner or later the house will get you. It is not worth it.

The 5 things above are things you should obsess over, once you can get a site to rank, then you can worry about bettering your conversions. Captured, targeted traffic can ALWAYS be converted in some way, shape or form. Obsess over ranking, track your ranking every week. Once you learn how to rank, the rest is easy.

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soggy on April 19, 2010 at 2:33 PM said...

In a matter of a few minutes this post is indexed and ranks #1 for: purple underwater basket weaving wetsuits

See the bigger picture here? There is no competition for that term, my blog has backlinks and enough authority to rank for a useless term. The post has no backlinks itself, it was just created. The higher the demand for the phrase and the competition play a huge role. The lower the demand and competition is, the easier to rank. DUH!!!! This is not rocket science, trust me. You will need backlinks for any term worth a damn. No go obsess with ranking and apply the basic principles and you will be ranking top 3 yourself.



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